Computer Services

Software Setup & Troubleshooting$29.99
Hardware Setup & Troubleshooting$39.99
Basic Hardware Installation$49.99
Hourly Rate (Job Dependant)$124.99
Virus Removal or Operating System Repair, Tune- Up, Upgrade, Slowness Issues$129.99
Data Backup or Transfer$149.99
Basic Data Recovery$149.99
**All Prices Subject to Sales Tax

Networking Services

Modem Setup $129.99
Wi-Fi/Router Setup$129.99
Both Modem & WiFi Router Setup$199.99
**All Prices Subject to Sales Tax

Smart Home Services

Smart Thermostat Installation$74.99
Smart Sprinkler Installation (Basic)$99.99
Voice Control Setup and Customization$99.99
Video Doorbell Installation$124.99
Smart Door Lock Installation$124.99
2 GIG Alarm Panel Install w/Optional Sensors (24/7 Alarm Monitoring Provided by$124.99*
Flood Light Installation$149.99
Smart Lighting and Customization$149.99
Wi-Fi Camera Installation$199.99
DVR or PoE Camera Installation$699.99
*Per Hour
**All Prices Subject to Sales Tax

Hourly Rate

Hourly Rate $124.99
**All Prices Subject to Sales Tax

Enterprise & Business Solutions

Enterprise and Business Services are typically handled on a case-by-case basis. For inquiries on these please contact us via email: or use the Contact page to reach us.